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R.E.A.C.H! Chronicles
Bobby Seale's
R.E.A.C.H! Chronicles: ... An on-line SOCIAL CHANGE magazine-journal.
...where the "polylectic" non-linear analytical view allows humanity to investigate & realize the universal three dimensional diversity: i.e. the scientific interconnected, interrelated and interdependent reality of our earthly existence: our constitutional direct [community decision making participatory] democratic civil-human rights. Neighborhood to Global community info organizing and the POLYLECTIC REALITY directions of it all. 
Volume Year: 1998  Past to present ISSUES & ANSWERS

Activist: Past & present .................
Afrocentric View & Ethnocentrism
Reviews, Books, etc.
Programs Organizing
Science & Social Reality
Politics & Direct Democracy
Economics & Community Control
Community Empowerment
Philosophy: pragmatic, etc.
Social Justice & Injustices
Synthesis: Scientific Evidence
Cooperational Humanist Activity
Eldridge "The Rage" Cleaver 

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