Posters of Black Panther Newspaper Order Information

You may not want to order just one [1] poster. It is not cost effective.

One or two 11" by 17" Black Panther Newspaper Posters [NPNP] 
cost $7.00 dollars each, plus $5.00 dollars for postage, shipping-tube 
& handling [to one address]  totaling $12 dollars for one, and $19.00 dollars 
total, for TWO NPNP's.

Three or Four 11" by 17" NPNP's cost $6.00 dollars each plus $5.00 postage, 
S & H [to one address]. 
For Three [3] NPNP's the TOTAL cost is   $22.00
For Four  [4] NPNP's The TOTAL cost is  $28.00
For Five   [5]  NPNP's the Total cost is ... $31.00 

[The 11" by 17" NPNP's at the five for $31 dollars rate cost only $5.00 each, 
PLUS the total S & H and postage weight goes up to $6.00]
Seven [7] NPNP's: the Total cost [shipped to one address] is $42.00 dollars. 
[ That's $6.00 per NPNP poster including all shipping-tube & handling and postage cost]
The most cost effective is $50.00 dollars for ten [10] NPNP's at $5.00 dollars 
each. Shipped to one address, this price includes all shipping-tube, handling 
and postage cost. 

When ordering PLEASE Note  all "exact" NPNP's order numbers 
and /or quanties per order number. INCLUDE your complete RETURN Address, 
including ZIP code.
[Allow two to three weeks delivery]
Mail your Cashiers Check or Money Order only,
Made out to: 
Bobby Seale P.O. Box 3299
Oakland, CA 94609
Thank you for your intrest. Bobby Seale

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