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Polylectic Reality
By Bobby Seale
Why do I call this grass roots peoples pragmatic philosophical view, Polylectic Reality? Because we humans, and for definite recognition of, i.e. including females and males, while we struggle to realize above and beyond any race or ethnic "political" categorizations, in our profound but limited living forms, we must first understand that all of we humans beings actually posses the highest or most profound form of organized energy-matter functions known to humankind. Which is, non other than our live, functioning thinking human brains.

That fact in itself is, if one investigates, quite polylectic rather than dialectic or linear-lectic in any redutionist sense. Our very biological neural sensory forms and functions of each of our individual selves as we consciously live in, know, and investigate the real world, advertent and inadvertently, along with realizing, naming and identifying with our multi-thousands of language sounds and communications symbols, and in turn acting upon and within all of the reality of things and events, which are external and then imaged and stored in our thinking human brains is in itself a many-sided interconnected matter-energy function.

The profoundness of it all is that we thinking human beings are part and parcel of the totality of all matter-energy function in the universe. We interpret and mathematically calculate all these earthly and universal things including our very DNA-biological selves. Realizing the interconnected and interrelatedness is the trick. The necessary first understanding, for having and acquiring a non-linear "polylectic" analytical view.

In a nut shell, polylectic reality is that non-linear analytical view. An upgrade from the old line-linear mechanistic dialectic analytical view.

In a broader sense polylectics is that non-myopic scientific evidentiary factual reference-reasoning and view. That beginning or developed profound realization of how in fact, and some day why, many and all things in the known and unknown universe, including all the earthly societies, groups of people, and, at the turn of the twenty to twenty-first century, with nearly six billion living human beings, inclusive of all-earth-life diversity and non-human animal life, of organic and inorganic existence is, in the macro sense, and are, in the micro sense, both deductively and inductively interconnected and or interrelated in some way, shape, fashion or form must now be about another synthesis realization, rather than a linear-mechanistically separate pseudo science view. Where myth and myopics is to be negated. In human relations beyond and out side of any notions of practicing "superiority" over others for what ever political-social exploitative purposes or beliefs, i.e. the pseudo science of Herinstein's "The Bell Curve."

Superiority belief-notions, especially racial superiority notions however concocted, politically constructed as they are, are like isolationist xenophobic misunderstood "survival of the fittest" limited value belief ideas, residing in some backward two thousand year old concept-notions revolving around a limited two dimensional relationship to an anti-factual and artifactual-mystical eternity belief system. Such slow two dimensional level beliefs, in a real constantly changing matter-energy functions in our universe of all things in an investigational and observable three dimensional world of things, are hopefully fast becoming obsolete beliefs & notions. Fast in a possible fifty to a hundred years.

Up to now, including the recent 200 [plus] year history of scientific investigation, beyond all the racism, exploitation and colonialization and which includes a rapid, fast becoming excessive, depletion of earthly energy resources, up to now, and into the fifty year advent of our designated twenty-first century, allowing for maybe ten percent "nonlinear analytical" thinking human beings who are seeking synthesis. And hopefully a higher lever thinking humanity to evolve at a rate of two or three billion more throughout earthly society. Hypothetically we need at a low of 50% non-myopic thinking in the next hundred years. An earthly humanity who will realize and think-reference their existence based on concept-notions and beliefs revolving around a three dimensional relationship to some forms of interdependent, interrelated, interconnected infinity: factually and spiritually [sudden profound factual understandings or realizations making one feel good] in our human search for greater truths and facts, as we embark upon and peak into, or sneak and look into some fourth & fifth dimensional ranges of realizations.

Bobby Seale, Founding Chairman, Black Panther Party, USA.

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