Bobby Seale's Memorabilia Statement

Probably, the best way to know and realize the history, or research the authentic Black Panther Party SIXTIES protest movement is to have your own autographed books. There are also posters, photographs and/or copies [duplicates] of actual "Black Community News Service" publications of the era. Eight years of a weekly published: THE BLACK PANTHER, now memorabilia, or the BPP newspaper poster-cover pages, authentically representing recent contemporary American history out of African American struggle, as it happened. American as well as African American history catalyzed out of the Black community's ages old struggle for constitutional democratic civil-human rights. Sloganized with the synergism of "All Power To All The People." Memorabilia which illuminates how we were not subjects of history as some continue to attempt to distort. But real AGENTS and EVOLVERS of such history. This memorabilia allows one to get beyond all the distortions and misrepresentations written and produced about Bobby Seale's sixties Black Panther party. To see and realize the "in motion" pragmatic ideological developments. The forty-odd multiple leadership chapters and branches. The real tangible grass roots programs, largely initiated by Bobby Seale, that unified people. The FBI-Police attacks and court room battles across the U.S.A. How we won ninety-five percent of all our court room battles. A mini civil war between the racist power structure and the Black community's Black Panther Party with numerous dead and wounded on both sides. The Political campaigns won and lost. How we weathered everything the power structure threw at us. It allows ones notions and skimpy ideas to rise to a higher level with new realizations. Realizations that better correspond correctly to our BPP historical reality. Taking the positive aspects by today's political reality standards and youthful people understanding how they do not have to try and repeat what we evolved, but realizing that the continuing all human liberation struggle is grounded in scientific, factual polylectic reality. How a future world of cooperational humanism is in fact an extension of the BPP's old Power To The People principals.

Bobby Seale, 4/30/96

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